my name is gwen, i'm a guy. i'm originally from belgium, i now live in western australia with my wife and son. i am originally trained as a sociologist and political scientist. unfortunately, few people are interested in reading sociological or political science papers. it is not important that people read sociological papers, what is important is too keep the mind interested and sharp, whatever the medium. i believe that some images can assist in keeping a fresh perspective on the world. i have had the chance to fly since i was a toddler. flying, discovering new places and sharing that experience with an audience is a process i enjoy throughout. my personal interest in the aerial images lies in the pure aesthetic of land and form as well as in the emotions or thoughts triggered by the landscapes presented. taking these photos, i realised i wasn't as independent from material life as i might have thought. i also realised beautiful landscapes can be daunting and mining landscapes can simply impress. it isn't all as straightforward as i would have thought had i not taken that aerial perspective. these are my thoughts, we are all different, we all have different feelings towards landscape. i am hoping that presenting these aerial landscapes to various people will reveal different ways to relate to land. with these thoughts in mind, how do we inhabit land? how would we like to inhabit land? how should we inhabit land?

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